Monday 14 March 2011

Kia considering Rio hot hatch, coupé, or cabriolet variant

In order to build the brand's image, Kia is looking to add an additional variant to the upcoming Rio line-up. The favourite contender is a hot hatch, followed by a cabriolet, then a coupé.

Benny Oeyen, product planning executive said: “The quality and design is much greater than the brand image represents. You can improved this with cars. A helpful car for us would be a hot hatch, cabriolet or a coupé.”

In the short term, the hot-hatch is a favourite because of the popularity in Europe, specifically in the UK and Germany. Oeyen also said: “I can imagine a sporty Kia in Europe; we have to develop the brand.”

With sales starting in September, prices are anticipated to start at £10k.

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