Tuesday 1 March 2011

Scared driver runs-down cyclists (BR)

Brazilian authorities have quizzed a 47 year old man after he was accused of driving his car through a crowd of cyclists. The disturbance occurred in the city of Porto Alegre, south-eastern of Brazil on a Friday evening.

A video was recorded showing cycles and riders been thrown into the air as other cyclists and members of public panic. At least 12 were injured and have now been released from hospital.

Ricardo Neis, the driver said he was startled and feared he was going to get attack as cyclists were banging on his car. He later abandoned his car and was brought in for questioning after.

Neis used a black Volkswagen Gol to mow down cyclists
Cyclists in the demonstration said no one had intimidated the motorist. Police said Neis could face a charge of attempted homicide if found guilty.

The cyclists were holding a regular event to promote the use of bikes. The riders were part of a movement known as Critical Mass, which holds mass bike rides in cities around the world to demand more respect for cyclists and is sometimes accused of deliberately blocking traffic.


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