Thursday 24 March 2011

Fisker Karma production commences in Finland

Fisker has started production on its Karma plug-in hybrid vehicle in Uusikaupunki, Finland. The Karma utilises its electric motor for 50 miles (80km) before the petrol engines kicks in.

Spokesman Roger Ormisher said: "We're going to be ramping up very slowly, very carefully to ensure quality. This year we want to get over 7,000 deliveries."

In EV mode, a top speed of 95mph (153km/h) can be achieved, while in hybrid Sport mode these figures improve to125mph (200km/h).

With a total driving range of 300 miles (483km), fuel economy of 100mpg (2.4l/100km) can be attained. The firm aims to sell its car in Europe and the U.S by April.

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