Wednesday 3 August 2011

Toyota considering hybrid uni-body light truck for Scion

When Toyota previewed the A-BAT (Advanced Breakthrough Aero Truck) concept in 2008, it was nothing other than a design study. Sitting upon a uni-body architecture and powered by a hybrid powerstation, last year saw the first rumours emerge, suggesting the compact light truck will be greenlighted for production. Since then, the ute was on-off for production. Fast-forward to today and the latest suggest it will hit retailers soon.

Although there has been no confirmation, the vehicle would sport a Scion badge and would hit the market after 2014. Power would come from a petrol unit, although a hybrid variant would be offered later.

Numerous weight-saving measures would be expected, however, competitors like the Honda Ridgeline, Nissan Frontier, and Toyota Tacoma are posting a sales slump as the market for light-trucks slowly disintegrates, thanks in part to increasing fuel prices.

If confirmed, the vehicle would wear the xT name-tag and would return market-leading fuel economy.

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